I Am Lovable drawing by Aoife Valley

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Aoife Valley Art

Soul - Image - Body - Nature

I am an artist and meditation teacher based in the north-west of Ireland. I trained in Fine Art, and over the years have worked in a variety of media including painting, video installation, sculpture and printmaking.

Since 2016 I have focussed on creating intuitive drawings exploring themes of feminine ease and empowerment, inspired by the divine feminine, illuminated manuscript, symbolism, energy healing and the natural world.

I love collaborating with other artists and spiritual teachers. If you would like to work with me on a project do get in touch.

Enjoy my work!

The Handbag Book for Women in bookstore

Handbag Books™

In 2018 I created The Handbag Book for Women, inspired by the hundreds of women I have coached. The book's first print run sold out in just two weeks. Buy your handbag book here.



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