I Am Lovable drawing by Aoife Valley

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Intuitive Drawings

Magic Realism Series 2017 - 2019

These drawings are part of my daily spiritual practice. I tune into what is going on in me, the wider world, or by invitation individual people.

See my facebook page for new work each week.



Tree House by Aoife Valley

Fire Sprite by Aoife Valley

Oasis by Aoife Valley

Spirit Guide by Aoife Valley

Face of Beauty by Aoife Valley

The Purple Robe by Aoife Valley

Under the Storm by Aoife Valley

Woman of Blodd by Aoife Valley

The precipice by Aoife Valley

Love the Skin by Aoife Valley

Align with the Divine by Aoife Valley

Autumn Leaves Goddess by Aoife Valley

Tree Spirit by Aoife Valley

Emerging from the Cave by Aoife Valley

The Gap by Aoife Valley

The Idea by Aoife Valley

Nature Healing by Aoife Valley

Dancing in hte clouds by Aoife Valley

Sun and Moon by Aoife Valley


Compassionate Communication

Listening Meditation

Queen of Honeybeeing

Body Electrics

Tree and Woman

Rose Wreath

Becoming a Tree




Find A Comfy Place

The Alchemist

Woman Girl healing

Golden Angel

Big Heart

Hair Cloak

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Hugging My Life


Mountain Rivers

A brand New Morning Each Day


Not Ready Yet


Sleep Deep



Time to Float

Tree Spine

After the Storm We Float

Leaning Happily


The Sun

The Rocks


Heart's Eye

Girl's Face

Dark Circle

Butterfly Woman

The Wound

Autumn Bloom

Ginger Girl

Mind Nature

Inner Umbrella

Rock Leaning


Autumn Cloak

The Gift

Hearts Feel

Camping Retreat

Butterfly Woman


Going with the Flow

Married to Myself

Owl Woman

Body Alive with Nature

Sofa Meditation

Tree Bedroom

Soul Hiding

Tree Hugger






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