I Am Lovable drawing by Aoife Valley

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The Handbag Book for Women in bookstore

Inspirational Art to Empower Women

The Handbag Book for Women

In 2018 I created The Handbag Book for Women, inspired by the hundreds of women I have coached. The book's first print run sold out in just two weeks.

This book is an expression of my love and respect for all women. I am passionate about empowering women to come into alignment with their soul purpose, to stop distracting themselves with stress and drama, and find the inner stillness and strength that is their birthright.

Magic Realism & Symbolism


For me, art that instantly touches and opens the soul is the most powerful. I want my drawings to burrow through all concepts, judgements and showiness, to the tender, beating heart of a person. I want to help them remember that there is a whole otherworld in the here and now - a world filled with peace, magic and love.

Aoife Valley, Donegal, Ireland

Aoife Valley, Artist

Art & Illustration, Donegal, Ireland

Soul - Body - Nature

I am an artist and spiritual teacher based in the north-west of Ireland. Over the years I have worked in a variety of media including painting, video installation, sculpture and printmaking.

Since 2016 I have focussed on creating intuitive drawings exploring themes of feminine ease and empowerment, inspired by the divine feminine, illuminated manuscript, symbolism, energy healing and the natural world.

I love collaborating with other artists and spiritual teachers. If you would like to work with me on a project do get in touch.

Enjoy my work!




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